Monday, May 22, 2006

Why Inequality Matters (Josh C)

I haven't anything interesting to say for myself on this topic; but via my friend Chris Brooke, I see that Why Inequality Matters, a pamphlet co-authored by our friend-in-common Ben Jackson is now available for free online. Ben's a super guy, who's great company even if discussing Leonard Hobhouse and Isaiah Berlin's liberalisms, or Hugh Gaitskell and Evan Durbin's economic thought isn't your idea of a good time (though, if this is the case ... well, you poor, benighted creature, you); he also combines top-knotch skills as a political theorist and historian of British political thought. So I tend to think that anything he writes is likely to be good.
All of that said, I have yet to actually read this pamphlet, so can't say anything about it, substantive or otherwise. But I thought I'd call it to people's attention, and open up a space for any of my co-bloggers, who have a stronger footing in the theoretical literatuer on, and debates about, equality, to weigh in -- if they have the time and inclination to read the piece.

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Anonymous said...

Hello, Josh, et al. The best resource for this source of thing is The State of Working America, a series published every year by the Economic Policy Institute.I must say that it has always stunned me that American libertarian philosophers (and a substantial portion of hacks for the business wing of the Republican Party) have blithely ignored this kind of analysis despite overwhelming empirical evidence refuting the underlying assumptions of the philosophy. Capitalism has worked, of course--but NOT the doctinaire, libertarian brand of it. It amazes me that folks at the CATO Institute still think all we have to do is follow Nozick and Rand and we'll all get to the Promised Land.